Soft Tissue Laser

We are proud to offer our patients Soft Tissue Laser technologythe latest treatment available in soft tissue (gum) management.

What is Soft Tissue Laser?

In many cases, using a soft tissue laser provides patients with a relatively painless alternative to more invasive periodontal (gum and bone) procedures. Low levels of laser energy are used to contour, reduce, or remove extra gum tissues, which in turn can enhance treatment results and reduce overall treatment time.

Benefits and Advantages

Compared to traditional surgical techniques, these procedures can be done without injections, scalpels, or sutures, and result in minimal post-op discomfort. The outcome is usually increased efficiency in treatment, and optimal aesthetic harmony.

Contact our office for a complimentary orthodontic exam. Dr. Vincent is trained in laser therapy and makes it available to our patients, when indicated, for the best orthodontic results possible.

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