3D Imaging

The Most Accurate Imaging Available

We are proud to provide access to the most advanced, anatomically correct diagnostic imaging views of the jaws, teeth, and facial bones available in orthodontics today. This new technology enables patient care not previously possible with the 2D imaging technologies of the past.

What is 3D Imaging?

3D imaging utilizes highly advanced “cone-beam computed technology” scans that create highly accurate radiographic images of our patients. This new information is extremely useful in cases involving TMJ, surgical patients, impactions, and implants.

Why Is 3D the Best?

Cone-beam CT scans use a lower dose of radiation than conventional scans, which provides a safer form of evaluation for our patients. It also allows us to diagnose certain problems more accurately, educate our patients better, and in many cases design less invasive treatment alternatives.

Contact our office for a free consultation for your orthodontic needs. We use the most cutting-edge technology available to provide our patients with the most modern care in orthodontics today.

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